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Caculate Your Soul Card

 Caculate Your Soul Card

How to calculate your soul card, and learn more about yourself

We can use tarot cards to learn more about ourselves. In my opinion, one of the most powerful ways to get to know yourself is through tarot. It helps us connect to our inner wisdom and understand about the differences between who we were and who we are becoming. There is a quote that says: "To find yourself, first learn about yourself”. Finding the real you through tarot is an enlightening experience.

By adding our date of birth, we can figure out which tarot card represents our soul. The Soul Card indicates our soul purpose for all our lifetimes.
If we look at the tarot major arcana, we can match our soul card with the corresponding card from the major arcana. For example, my birth date is 21 October 1980. To calculate my soul card I add 2+1+1+1+9+8+0 = –> 2+2 = 4. So, my birth number is four. This makes my soul card 4 - The Emperor.

When we get a number with 2 digits, we need to keep adding the digits together until we get a single digit number. Your soul number will be a number between 1 - 9.

If your soul card is

Number 1: The Magician
The Magician is an excellent omen symbolising new opportunities, the importance of new enterprise and that you will have the willpower and initiative to succeed in whatever you do. The number of the Magician is one, the number of beginnings. If you have The Magician as a soul card, you are able to be in control of every aspect of your life and make your dreams come true.

Number 2:The High Priestess
The High Priestess represents Balance, psychic abilities, intuition, reaction, response, depth, undercurrents, serenity, and knowledge. The High Priestess is our guide to our inner self and its potential. You are able to feel and sense things around you. You are the kind of person who can trust your gut instincts, feelings and dreams.

Number 3: The Empress
If you have The Empress as a soul card you have the ability to create and influence the things around you. The Empress symbolises love, reassurance, prosperity and birth. The Empress is a creator, be it creation of life, of romance, of art or business. The Empress' ability to mother goes beyond the womb, however. She is patient, loving, giving, generous, devoted. The ultimate nurturer.

Number 4: The Emperor
The Emperor card is the "Who's the boss?" card.The meaning of the card includes being in control over your environment, your body, your temper, your instincts, your love life. People who have the Emperor as a soul card are natural born leaders, they have the ability to control things.

Number 5: The Hierophant
The Hierophant is very conventional. You have a desire to follow due process and to stay within the conventional bounds of what is typically an orthodox approach. Instead of being innovative, you have the ability to believe, and you live by a structured system of beliefs with a strong system of morals, standards, ethics and traditions.

Number 6: The Lovers
People with the Lovers as a soul card, are people who have the ability to care passionately about things. The Lover's card is about "harmony." Thus, it is about you seeking something that speaks to you, that you "know" and recognise as your other or mirror self (twin), and which makes you feel harmonically balanced or complete.

Number 7: The Chariot
Life for you it's about getting what you want, you have the ability to achieve your goals and conquer things. You must have faith that there is nothing that can stand in your way. The Chariot is a marvelous card in that it can assure success no matter the odds.

Number 8: The Justice
People with Justice as their soul card have the ability to evaluate things. Justice is about cold, objective balance through reason or natural force. You seek balance and you hear both sides of any story before drawing any conclusions. You make a fair judgement and you are a very good listener. It’s all about adjustment.

Number 9: The Hermit
The Hermit as a soul card indicates a feeling of a deeper reality and begin to search for it. If you have the Hermit as a soul card you know that answers do not lie in the external world, but in yourself. Like an artist who hides away for days then emerges to paint a masterpiece, you like to have time to yourself to allow things to fall into place.This card represent seeking of all kinds, especially for deeper understanding or the truth of a situation.

Article By Claudia

Written By Claudia ( Tarot Reader | Counsellor | Email Reader )

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