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Are You A Postive Or A Negative?

Are You A Postive Or A Negative?

The one thing the law of attraction taught us was like attracts like, especially energy. So it’s pretty obvious that positive people attract other positive people and negative ones get negative ones - remember misery loves company. Who are you surrounded by?

If you have an awful lot of negative people around you, emotional vampires, moaners and people who aren't happy unless there is a crisis, it may be time to look at you! Sometimes your negative state of mind and energy are such a part of you are you do not notice it at all, its everybody else who has the problem. Some people think of negativity as being 'real' after all life is hard, or not being too emotional either way or simply not being happy as then you can’t be disappointed.

Here are a few questions to see if you are negative?

Do you complain a lot?
Do you join in with those communal whinging sessions at work?
Is the world a negative place? Do you see the traffic jam and the fumes, not the sunlight and the trees?
Do you always believe that someone is to blame for what’s happening and do you think they should 'pay' for it?
Is everything out of your control? Do bad things just happen to you? Do you feel they could be a curse? How often do you say why me?

These help you take a look at the level of your own negativity, it’s surprising just how negative you can be out of your own awareness and how ingrained it can be in all of us.

So it’s time you took ownership of your life, things do not just happen to you, you play a role in your own life. The bigger the role the happier your life is. Look for ways to control the negativity in your life, find out the issues and work to resolve yourself, don't wait for someone else.

Get hold of your negative thoughts, every time you feel like a victim or everything goes wrong for you catch the thought. Hold it in your mind and review it, where did it come from, is it reality - does everyone hate you?? Really?? Then replace them with positive thought and actions, find affirmations that work on your positivity. Look for the good in life not the bad and in this case sometimes you will have to fake your positivity until you make it real.

Look at those people around you, move away from the moaners, don't join in the Monday morning blues, spend time doing things that make you happy, spend time with children they instinctively know how to play and be joyful - go on join in with them. Smile at people, you will be amazed how many people will smile back.

Take control of the 'bad' things as much as you can, wherever possible take action, find a new job, raise your issues with the right people, wear what you want and move on from things that cannot be resolved.

Take care of yourself, good health physically and emotionally leads to happiness. Spent time in happy places and do things that inspire you. Most of all make your positivity a priority. You will find people who try to bring you back to negativity as it is their favoured position but you will also find people who are positive find you, you have to be strong at times to not fall back into old patterns.

Have a positive weekend

Article By Beverley

Written By Beverley ( Intuitive | Clairvoyant | Healer )

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