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Egyptian culture. Aries’ embodiment, the ram who is generally known as a stubborn herd animal, meanwhile was one of the most sacred animals in the times of pharaohs. It represented the most powerful and popular god of Egypt – Amon-Ra. Being the main God of centrally located Thebes he soon became the general and main God of the whole Egypt. The priests of Amon were the richest and most influential. He was the supreme God-Creator who gives life and established the reliable background for existence. Also the meaning of his name is considered to mean “hidden” so that his power is swift, fast and invisible. Amon-Ra is the Father of humans and special patron of the Royal house providing with noble spirit of aristocracy. He joins all the Elements inside him, he fecundates, he is everywhere and his breath bears the power of Life. One of the ancient hymns enchants:
“Hail to You, Amon-Ra, hail to You,
Lord of the Thrones of the two countries, of Upper and Lower Egypt.
Eldest of Heaven, firstborn of earth, Lord of what is, present in all things.
Master of Truth and Father of the gods and goddesses…”
Ancient Greece. In Greece ram is always a brave, energetic and mobile animal able to overcome mountains peaks and climb through thick woods. The story of the Ram who became a constellation began with the marriage of Beotia king Athamas who married the goddess of clouds Nephele. Together they brought up two children Phrixus and Helle. But soon the king got bored and forgot his first wife having wedded another woman Ino. This one appeared to be jealous and envy of her husbands’ past and decided to kill Nephele’s kids. She schemed a plot with local women which resulted in a drought. The king instead of asking his subjects sent delegation to Delphi Oracle, kind of ancient supreme court which decisions were taken as orders. Ino was fast enough to bribe the messengers who claimed the king false answer. They told him that the earth will harvest again only if he sacrifices his kids from first marriage. Naïve Athamas had no other choice than to agree. But Nephele sent a rescuer: the Ram with golden fleece, a gift from Mercury. The ram took the twins on his back and swiftly flew over the waters of the sea. But Helle suddenly felt dizzy and fell down from the ram’s back. It happened somewhere over Dardanells, and the place she fell into was called Hellespont, “the sea of Helle”. Prixus reached Colchis alone and sacrificed Ram to Jupiter who sent the Ram into the sky for his savior mission.
It was Ram’s golden fleece that served a mean and reason for one of the most dramatic stories in ancient myth – Jason’s adventure of kidnapping, seducting and Medea’s fatal passion and revenge.
Tarot Arcana. In Tarot Aries is correspondent to Major Arcana The Emperor. The figure itself as well as other symbols deepen Aries understanding and provide with tips to enhance Aries’s energy. We can see the ram headed armrests of the Emperor’s throne as well as two profiles at the top of it. The figure of the Emperor adds solid and authority to Aries sign, isn’t it? Emperor is rather direct and stubborn but only to protect well what is in his responsibility. His harshness has approvement if he maintains the order and stability of his environment. He wants to rule and enjoys his power but it works only when there is something higher than bread and butter to fight for. The emperor is a king but resembles a medieval warrior more than a modern diplomat. As Aries you know the pain from wounds and know how to protect yourself, you hide the furious energy of battling under the cloak but always ready to jump from the thrown and fight.
When Aries’ aggressiveness and impulsiveness overwhelm you look at the stout and armored king on the throne and stay fixed, make yourself sited and force to make an exact plan of your actions and words. Number 4 calls to ordering and strict organization as they are the means to channel that powerful stream of Aries enthusiasm. Yes, you are the first and you can be a prominent leader but you will also face everything you would bring to life and it’s better to imagine more exactly the nature of your initiatives and innovations.
Be persistent as a ram, wise as emperor, strong as a king-warrior, creative as blessing as Amon-Ra and savior-rescuer as Ram with Golden Fleece.
I hope my short suggestion will help you to invent your own way of opening the potential energy of your signs.

Article By Beverley

Written By Beverley ( Intuitive | Clairvoyant | Healer )

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