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Egyptian culture. Capricorn might be the most unlucky sign concerning its reputation. Due to the nature of its animal symbol it became a true scapegoat of the Zodiac. A historical introspective look can allay the sick foam of prejudices around Capricorn. In Egypt the god who was depicted as a goat-headed man was called Ba-Neb-Djedet or the “soul of city of Djed” (more famous as Mendes). The city was located in Delta that’s why the local god wasn’t that authoritative as Thebes or capital Memphis deities. But here the goat was respected no less than sacred bull Apis. The name of the deity, Ba, contains the key essence of his nature in fact making him not a god but a spirit as Ba means “spirit”. Banebdjedet was the soul of Ra, Osiris, Shu and Geb who represent the four Elements of Nature. Mythology states his spouse was called Hathemyt, the river deity which explains the connection of grounded Capricorn to his other astrological name “seagoat”. As Sagittarius-Neith, Capricorn-Banebdjedet played a crucial role in Horus-Seth battle. When asked to whom should the power belong he delegated the voice to Neith but later on questioned her decisions thus deserving reputation of manipulator. He inclined more to grant authority to Seth as the older thus revealing his dedication to force, power and practicality instead of the principles of justice and natural revenge embodied in young Horus.
He was a form in which the pharaoh Ramses transformed himself to give birth and this legend made this deity linked to the natural and earthy processes like reproduction. Sexual life which by Egyptians was perceived as quiet natural and even welcomed was his domain. He was also invoked in the rituals of protection which related more to revenge sent to the enemies.
Ancient Greece. In Greece Capricorn is presented by the most unrestrained creature – the wild deity of the woods, horned Pan who also possesses two-part body. His lower part is one of goat whose hoofed legs provides him with an incredible speed and the upper torso is human but covered with so much hair that hardly can be called “human”. His bearded face is always in motion: either he gorges and guzzles, or roars with laughter. It is said he frightened his mother upon birth and entertained everybody in Olympus where was brought by his farther Mercury. Name Pan means “All” which reflects his universality; but also his name is the root part of the word “panic” – totally unrealized state of mind usually potentially dangerous and destructive. The Olympus merry fellow Dionysus admired him so much that accepted into his court and since that time Pan is associated with drinking orgies of the vine god. During the day he is hunting and plays his music in the company with nymphs. He likes to make jokes on lost travelers and usually follows his sexual arouse as it happened with the nymph Syrinx. Dedicated to chastity she avoided lusty Pan and finally transformed into the reeds. Being sure he pursued his beloved the god still held the reeds in his hands and was sighing desperately. The sweet and charming sound coming from the plants motivated Pan to create a musical instrument so that the maid would stay with him forever. Even in the form of Syrinx.
With the Christian spread with its concentration on spiritual and mental realities deities which embodied the wild instincts of nature were put to exile and considered dark, dangerous and demonic. But it is just their pure natural openness and simplicity that makes our rational consciousness of modern educated man dash aside from them and deny their presence in human psyche.
Tarot Arcana. In Tarot evil Devil corresponds to Capricorn. The first thing which is good to do in my opinion is to look straight at the Devil. Of course he is not that beautiful and pleasant as Justice, Angels and Emperor but he makes himself noticeable. Yes, he is what we avoid looking at and avoid meeting. But he does exist. Presenting pure and disgusting reality, all these excesses which are so common in our life he reminds us: “Look how you do look like”. Moreover he seems pleased, confident and indeed you feel how all your brilliant efforts and power are pure illusion and you just have met someone’s else interests bringing yourself down to a position of chained servant. Devil is a perfect figure to humble us, to move away abruptly from our pedestal we so proudly put ourselves. It is possible to suggest that Templars who were blamed of putting Devil image into their temples did this deliberately not to forget about inevitable trap that wait for everybody who is too submissive to own demons of money, power and lust. Pay attention to chains which symbolize a real dependence, slavery within material bounds. They seem to be not that tight but even… comfortable. Also the heads of the chained couple are just at the same level Devil’s genitals which shows how mental and higher conscious are submit to lower chakras of sex and reproduction, simply animal instincts.
When you feel too much obligations, too many responsibilities, if there are too many “musts” in your life, check if you do not turn into a chained slave of someone’s expectations. Add more carelessness and fun to your gloomy moods, accept natural rhythms of life around and enjoy your body and instincts. And agree with some disorder in your life to gain peace with your natural part and forget at least for a while about the struggle and material needs. I hope my short suggestion will help you to invent your own way of opening the potential energy of your signs.

Article By Beverley

Written By Beverley ( Intuitive | Clairvoyant | Healer )

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