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Change Your Luck

Change Your Luck

Does it seems that bad luck follows you everywhere and there is nothing that you can do to change your luck?
Take a moment and think, What’s holding you back? Some may call it bad luck, but it is actually negative energy that can cause life to turn upside down, or at least feel that way.
We all have had moments when we are weak in Spirit and yield to the delusion that the source of our suffering is beyond our ability to cure. That's a universal part of the human experience. These moments are a challenge for us to rise above our "mind suffering over its own suffering," and take responsibility for cultivating our Highest intention, regardless of outer circumstances.

We have the power to turn misfortune into beneficial and altruistic thoughts, words, feelings, and deeds if we so choose. By doing that we lessen our problems in the future, and create beneficial "karma" or "luck" by virtue of our heart is ability to attract that which is its perfect delight. In fact, we are doing or not doing this every moment we think, feel, and act.

Positive Affirmations are ways of planting the seeds of success in our subconscious, helping us to think positively and to be more prepared for success. Watch what you say, think, or write down.
Optimists and pessimists live in the same world but they zoom in on different things within it.
All of us are searching for the key or keys to our spiritual growth.
Lucky people employ various psychological techniques to cope with the ill fortune that comes their way. For example, they spontaneously imagine how things could have been worse, do not dwell on the ill fortune, and take control of the situation. Lucky people are certain that the future is going to be full of good fortune. These expectations become self-fulfilling prophecies by helping lucky people persist in the face of failure, and shape their interactions with others in a positive way.

It is the power of your mind and body. The power of belief. The power of faith. The power of trusting. It is inside - not outside. Energise yourself, your body, your mind, keep checking in, keeping boosting yourself. It's a game and so is life. There are no winners and losers; just you. Abundance is everywhere, there is plenty of love, money, opportunities, peace, and more to go around! Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change.
You are bigger than your body. Larger than one lifetime.
Each life is like a little chapter in the big book that is you.

If you want your luck to change, act today, get your pen out and start re-writing your life with kindness, love and a spirit of gratitude.

Blessings, Claudia x

Article By Claudia

Written By Claudia ( Tarot Reader | Counsellor | Email Reader )

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