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Colour is something we get used to and rarely pay attention to, meanwhile it is one of the most powerful instruments given to us by nature. It can balance the storm within our heart and mind, or charge with the additional energy in case we are weak or beat by the disease. Colour therapy becomes more and more popular in psychology practical treatment but we have to remember that our daily life is also full of sounds and colours, which inevitably bombard our hearing and vision. And if the audio information we sometimes critically assess, colours remain a forgotten realm, though they also speak to us, and we are capable of many things if only we would learn about their language.
The symbolic meanings of the colours which are used in healing have their roots in nature. Golden Sun promises comfort and brightness, dark night frightens with her hidden secrets, turquoise sea calms pain and stress, and silver moon crystallizes and purifies the spiritual life.To enhance your visualization and establish a strong connection, think in colours. There are so many metaphors in common daily speech and literature, that they can give fast and exact tuning onto the specific issue you worry about. For example, being green with envy links the colour to health and emotion, being in the red turns the thinking towards banks and critical survival issues, perceiving the world from the pink glass perspective associates with romanticism and love, and blue through being a description for depression is opposite to desired activity and strength. There are histories behind and often the meanings are contradictive, but the secret is to find your own meaning and create a personal dialogue with the colour in order to be in the flow and train your mind entering several colourful pools around at your disposal.
Each colour is unique and has different features to be used for human body. Purification and spiritual power is ascribed to white colour, sacred in many cultures. Golden and its preference signifies independence, royal intentions, and strong leadership talents, it normalizes breath, pulse, providing with vividness and excitement. Blue and indigo colour allows developing sense for beauty and mystical revelations, music and arts talents, calms the nervous system and heals respiratory illnesses. The general rule is to refer the colours with the chakra zones and nature of the disease: never use red in inflammation, or orange for pressure, or don’t apply cold colours to depressive or apathy states. Always consider the doctor’s diagnosis and advice to decide what colour is best to facilitate the treatment course.
Channeling the focused beam of certain colour onto and into a specific zone or organ may influence as reducing, balancing, maintaining the functioning of the entire group of related part and cells. Your mind serves as a tool which applies a healing energy, like lazer illumination does in medicine. The only nuance is time, colour healing needs regularity and discipline but will reward you with health and harmony. Not only visualizing works, it is possible also to charge water with the colour, just by putting a glass with water on a colourful surface, and after half an hour the magic liquid is ready. You may drink it or use in kinds of compress treatment.
For healing we may use a single or a combination of different tones but the main thing is to rely on your own feelings and gut reactions. We all have colours we like or dislike, but at times attraction or aversion is exceptionally strong. Notice if you like it and if the colour causes pleasant associations. Another strong sign you are connected to the colour is its perception as live vibration: if you feel it as if radiating some “unhearable” sound, then it is definitely the colour you need at the moment.
Plato calls colour the flame, which “flows forth from the bodies of all sorts”, and this ancient perception of colour helps to realize with mind and see with the inner vision our body as a lantern or light generator. This simple thought will help to stay attuned to the variety of tones and energies which fill the space around us and just wait for our conscious call to be connected. The clothes’ colours of the ancient priestesses of the Goddess Vesta were white, symbolizing the reflection of the deity’s fire power in its visible mundane form of whiteness, and its pure intense energy. We are the lanterns of our inner light, and our favourite colours and preferences reflect the state of our auras and overall colour range. It is also told that the colour of the eyes can be a criteria for defining your aura main tone. Blue-eyes people tend to dive deep into their own world, while the green-eyed are creative, vivid and practical and those with the brown eyes contain the power of the Earth.
In healing practice with colour involvement everything matters: the colour of the food we consume, clothes we wear, things we use and interior around us. The range of colours of the design is usually not noticeable yet creates the general atmosphere of warmth or coolness, seriousness or relaxation, peace or worries. Check carefully the tone of your walls, pictures and the overall prevalence of deep and light colours of the ceiling, walls, and furniture, and change or add whatever your soul needs. Surround your life with the colours and their incredible diversity: wear bright clothes, combine the office suits with contrast accessories, choose the food relevant to the nutrition diet, look at and touch colourful things, feel and enjoy the music of the gamma.

Article By Justine

Written By Justine ( Tarot Reader | Personal Acana | Destiny Acana )

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