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Crop Circles

Crop Circles

For some time the mystery of crop circles has baffled scientists, a crop circle is a large pattern created by the flattening of crops such as wheat, barley, rye, maize, or rapeseed. Crop circles are also referred to as crop formations because they are not always circular in shape. Crop circles are not always dotted randomly around the countryside, they appear near roads, areas villages, and cultural heritage monuments, like Stonehenge. We also know archaeological remains can cause crop marks in the fields in the shapes of circles and squares, but they do not appear overnight, and they are always in the same places every year

These circles can be complex mathematical fractals, up to three quarters of a mile long, and covering up to 200,000 square ft. Crop circles- or agriglyphs- can now be found in all over the world where crops are grown

Crop circle documentation goes back to 1890; several cases even date back to the 17th Century. They probably existed as fairy circles before that! Initially, the phenomenon was attributed to freak wind or tornados but it soon became clear tornados rip things up not flatten them out.

In the 1980’s interest in crop circles really took off and the designs appeared as simple circles, and circles within rings. By the late 1980s circle became more intricate, some resembling the pictures or layout of sacred temples, areas or ancient artefacts. After 1990 the designs became even more complex and today crop circles mimic computer fractals and elements from quantum physics.

However publicity about crop circles has led to hoaxes and two men claimed to have set up all the crop circles in Southern England in the 1980-90’s, but then later they retracted that admission. So how can we tell a hoax circle from a real one?

A real crop circle does not have broken stems in the crop, the stems are actually bent. The plants appear to affected by heat which softens the stems to drop just above the ground at 90º.
Steam can be seen rising from new crop circles, from the heat applied to the plants??
The soil in a crop circle will have changed composition and the mineral content changed.
The circle is not perfectly round, they will be slightly elliptical
Crop circles alter electromagnetic fields; compasses cannot locate north, and mobile phones will not work. Batteries are often drained.

So what do you think are they real or man made?

Article By Lydia

Written By Lydia ( Psychic | Clairvoyant | Natural Medium )

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