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Egyptian culture. In sacred tradition the sign of Gemini through its main function – communication is associated with the god Jehuti more famous as Thoth, the author of “The Emerald Tablets” and possible keeper of Tarot Arcana. Being a scribe Jehuti is considered to be a creator of the first word which possessed the immense power. This first sound, first vibration creates worlds and of course has great influence of human life. This god represents the principle of divine communication which rules life and provides the wisdom. Each communication awakes invisible waves and activates invisible forces that is why protection and patronage of wise Jehuti was considered necessary and important. As inventor of hieroglyphs and written language he was respected as a keeper of strict order and harmonious forms which in turn makes him provider of the cosmic balance and explains his divine mate: Maat, goddess of Harmony. Maybe that’s is why the art to write and speak well which was so appreciated by ancient has much more deeper sense than we nowadays suggest.
Ancient Greece. Appearance of Gemini owes to incredible passion drive which Zeus showed to mortal women. Leda, the wife of Tyndareus caused his desire and Zeus couldn’t help but satisfy it. This time he chose the swan to seduce the woman. the same night she was also with her husband. Afterwards she produced four eggs. One pair contained Jupiter’s sons and another – mortal daughters, Helen of Troy and Clytemnestra, Agamemnon’s wife. As for Olympian siblings, they were Castor and Pollux. They were called Dioscuri which means “The sons of Zeus” and grew together as brave and skilled wrestlers. However Castor, talented horse tamer was mortal and thus, vulnerable. They both involved themselves in a risky love story having kidnapped the daughters of Lepsius already promised to their cousins. Furious father battled with twins and killed Castor. The killer was crushed by Zeus lightning but nothing could return the youth. Pollux desperately mourned and asked his divine father to join Castor. He sacrificed his immortality for remaining together with his brother. Zeus satisfied the plea and placed two of them in the sky as constellation. They became the symbol of faithfulness and inseparable connection and mutual understanding.
The life of twins was rather turbulent and probably can cause different opinions, as actually everything related to stormy sign of Zodiac.
Tarot Arcana. In Tarot the sixth Arcana The Lovers is relevant to the sign of Gemini. Here we have two people who admire each other. Mutual attraction and openness promise to become a good background for peaceful cooperation. Very positive yet not totally whole the picture offers to revise relations with others and own inner dialogues. The presence of two and in some decks even three people already means not only duality but a choice among various options. Male and female parts, or man/woman or one group and another always have motifs and values which can differ and when not agreed, keep in tiring state of procrastinating and delaying the progress. Gemiini always rushing between sensitiveness and wisdom, reason and impulse, passion and conscience, good and evil… and they cannot just leave, they bear this inner eternal choice within them. But the card also suggests some focus of centre. It is an angel above the heads of people. It is that Higher Self, or a Guardian angel, or ancient Cupid who combines and absorbs the struggling duality of twins. Maybe this angel reminds to listen to intuition, to consult higher knowledge before rushing from one hastily taken decision to another. Maybe the mountain at the background points at the necessity to set and clearly keep in mind your final goal and wishes as if joining faithfully two separate parts to serve common goal.
Remain composed and let your duality work on yourself. Remember what a powerful god of Creative Word you represent and be responsible for each word, and Gemini have so plenty of them! Also think twice before acting and stay faithful to each of your inner parts and people you feel like brother/sister. I hope my short suggestion will help you to invent your own way of opening the potential energy of your signs.

Article By Beverley

Written By Beverley ( Intuitive | Clairvoyant | Healer )

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