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Relax Your Mind

Relax Your Mind

How often do we try to meditate or simply relax and our mind will not let us? To concentrate and see clearly, we must overcome restlessness and worry but in our lives but today this is so difficult. In fact most of us lead restless lives. Constant activity simply increases the restlessness and therefore it never settles or ends for us and because restlessness is uncomfortable, it can be difficult to pay attention to. Paradoxically, restlessness is itself sometimes a symptom of not being able to be present with people due to pain and hurt

Physically restlessness appears as energy bouncing throughout the body. We can not get comfortable. There may be incessant impulses to fidget or to run away. It can also appear as shakiness or agitation, but we cannot be still for longer than a few minutes. Mentally restlessness comes to us as scattered or repetitive thinking. It is present whenever we distracted. We cannot focus and our mind will not be directed or silenced, or it jumps from one thing to the next, never satisfied with anything.

So where does this restlessness come from? Unrequited desires and pent-up frustration are common causes of agitation. Fear and resentment or dissatisfaction will keep our minds searching for answers. Trying too hard in meditation can also stir up the mind. It is useful to feel it physically during meditation try to imagine the body as a wide bowl where the energy is allowed to bounce around like a ball. Sitting still with the restlessness often allows it to settle down on its own.

In other parts of life when your mind is bouncing around the walls its handy to review what is causing our energy, look at just how much you are doing, is your multi tasking getting out of hand? After all activity does not always mean accomplishment. Learn to say no, it is not always down to you, when you say no to someone or yet another 'can you just’ request, you say yes to you. Remove the moaner and whiners out of your life they fill your mind with negativity and that takes time to process and hence you restless mind. Finally if all else fails write it down to see if on paper your mind makes sense and once it does a calming effect will take place.

Have a truly restful week


Article By Beverley

Written By Beverley ( Intuitive | Clairvoyant | Healer )

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