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Egyptian culture. Neith, the ancient goddess of Sais is the most relevant correspondence to passionate and creative Sagittarius. Her symbol was the shield with two crossed arrows. She was responsible for guarding the warriors in the field battle and eased their transition to underworlds in case of death. Weapon appearance is considered to be her invention. Indeed Neith possessed masculine features of creation, braveness and fierce movement toward goal. One of her images was her hieroglyphic name which in translation means “limitless and endless sky”. Her freedom and passions made her the true opener of the ways, provider of fresh impressions and opportunities. She is so ancient that her origins are told to belong to Lybia, the land of hunters and warriors which actually also reflects Sagittarius’ drive for far journey and foreign countries. Her sphere of activities was not that wide as Sekhmet or Isis yet she occupied an important place and earned respect among ancients. She however played a decisive role in battle of Horus and Seth, having determined the winner. There was also a huge festival dedicated in her honor, the Feast of Lights when thousands of lamps were burned to invocate her spirit and blessings.
Ancient Greece. In Greek myths Sagittarius is connected to one of the most prominent and famous figure – the Centaur Chiron. Half-horse and half-man, the creature was the greatest teacher. He owes his appearance to his divine father Saturn who took a form of a horse to lay with her mother, daughter of Oceanus. Being the child of two powerful and first-generation deities Chiron possessed immortality and also plenty of talents and crafts. Instead of this he wasn’t arrogant and modestly and led his solitary life in the Mount Pelion. Being a great hunter, having knowledge in music, fortune-telling practices and medicine he shared his wisdom humans as well as heroes and gods. Dioscuries, strong Hercules, adventurous Jason, warrior Achilles, - all were consulting Chiron and learning from his wisdom and skills. Unfortunately he died due to carelessness to one of his best students – Hercules. During his pursuit of Erymanthian boar the hero involved himself into the brawl with other wild centaurs which led to tragedy. Chiron arrived to stop the fight but Hercules reflective strike was swift: the arrow struck the noble Centaur. Even the healing skills couldn’t help as the arrow was steeped into the poison of Hydra and thus was bringing sure death. Suffering from unbearable pain, Chiron refused from his immortality. This decision helped to close up one more dramatic round in the history. There was Prometheus punished severely by Zeus. The prophecy was that it would continue until someone of own free will agreed to die instead. Chiron did it with relief and Hercules rescued Prometheus. Jupiter decided to commemorate Chiron and granted him with the place in the sky where he turned into Sagittarius and still shows direction to everyone who is ready to follow him.
Unlike this outstanding personality most centaurs were wild and boorish beasts who occupied themselves with hunting and bulling, drinking and eating. Their savagery symbolizes human submitting to wild passions and uncontrolled instincts.
Tarot Arcana. In Tarot there is a fourteenth Arcana Temperance which is linked to the sign of Sagittarius. Holding two cups in his hands the Angelic figure clearly points on the duality present in this sign. But unlike equality of two of cups here we see that one is above the other. Perhaps reflecting Sagittarius nature: left hand cup (logic and reason of human trunk) is above the right-hand vessel (intuitive and feelings of horse body). And again what is exclusive is that we also see the inseparable link – the stream of liquid which connects two cups. There is a channel between rational and irrational parts and no one can exist without another. If reason is denied or instincts are suppressed the man becomes deprived of harmonious interaction and nurturing energy currents. Then the message of the card contains more than simply restriction of excesses. There is a call to balance wild deep irrational impulses with the higher wisdom of the heart, turn and transform unconsciousness drives into consciousness creative force.
Be fearless and invulnerable as Neith, teach and coach heroes around you, control your wild instincts, find an alchemical and dynamic balance in everyday life and remain true inspiration of Zodiac. I hope my short suggestions will help you to invent your own way of opening the potential energy of your signs.

Article By Beverley

Written By Beverley ( Intuitive | Clairvoyant | Healer )

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