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Seeking Enlightenment

Seeking Enlightenment

Did you know that you have the ability to tap into your emotions and use them to make your life better? Our emotions and behaviour are directly connected. When we learn about our own feelings, we can understand how they're connected to our experiences. Being emotionally balanced, gives us the power to analyse ideas and dig deeper into our true potential. By challenging your negative thoughts, you can become your own best friend.

Part of having emotional control is being able to question our assumptions and avoid letting ourselves to jump to conclusions before having all of the facts/information necessary to form an opinion. Only when we understand our own feelings, we can put ourselves in the shoes of others in order to understand their motivations, aspirations, and turmoils. Managing negative emotions allows you to be persuasive, empathetic, and also gives you the ability to delay gratification, balance your needs with those of others, take initiative, and to pull back on impulsivity. Knowing your strengths and limitations allows you to be a better person in general.

Meditation is a brilliant tool to achieve emotional balance because it helps your concentration and allows you to accept your emotions without judging them, or judging yourself. By connecting to your inner self, and living in the moment, you can find the way not to block negative feelings, and be mindful of the real motives of what makes you angry or upset. Self knowledge helps you to gain control of your emotions and analyse the circumstances that led up to the feeling itself; We can learn to process any information with caution in order to investigate it better, and train ourselves not to overreact and build up a pretty good sense of what deserves more research, and what is better to let go.

Any activity that allows you to change your focus can help you feel more balanced and in control of your emotions. When you sense that your emotions are taking over, find a quiet comfortable place, get into a comfortable position, and take some deep breaths. Keep your focus on your breathing for a minute or so. Try to just observe your thoughts as you focus on breathing slowly, in and out. I’ve learned that when we surround ourselves with different energy, our emotions also change in a positive way.

We can use negative emotions to our advantage by learning from them. When we have a bad experience and let negative emotions take over, we end up believing that it proves a larger truth. Only when we realise that we are able to process any information without making any kind of generalisations, we’ve learned to decide how we will behave. When you reframe you feelings, you feel empowered. Start practicing positive mantras when negative emotion starts to feel like it’s getting the better of you.

Connect to your Spirit Guides and ask for positive feelings. Spiritual awareness can also help us to appreciate life and find inner peace. Throw away your ego, and look for activities that focus on meaningful things to you, as a form of developing your spirituality. Being in control of how you feel allow you to recognise that emotions are temporary, and gives you the power to manage them. Wisdom comes from understanding other people, but enlightenment comes from understanding yourself.

Article By Claudia

Written By Claudia ( Tarot Reader | Counsellor | Email Reader )

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