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The Hermit

The Hermit

We all may practice the occult in some way every day. If you meditate,
practice yoga, read your daily astrology, even birthday wishes have their
roots in practices others consider the occult. Even today, some religious
organizations list astrology as an occult no-no. I remember, even as short
as 25 years ago, I received the same odd looks when I told others I loved
and believed in astrology as I do today with Tarot. Now, almost all papers
and magazines have an astrology column. Interesting, how time can change our
attitude from one of fear to acceptance.

The Tarot cards themselves speak of this universal change in the card of The
Hermit. The Hermit teaches us God's truths. He holds a lantern of bright
light to show us the path to achieve his experience of the divine that is
held within each of us. Through these deep connections we have developed our
own internal religion. This fire fuels the light of the Hermit's lantern. In
some of the ancient decks, The Hermit hides his lantern beneath his over
cloak, cautious to share his knowledge because others perceive this
information to have origins in the occult. And as time does, in modern
decks, The Hermit proudly holds his lantern out and forward for others to
follow so they can learn and share the powerful reassurance of faith in God
and ourselves.

If you want a real eye-opener in regards to the meaning of the word occult,
do a Goggle search. How did the Latin word occultus meaning hidden secret
jump to its association with black magic and the devil. Yikes! That is
spooky! There may be several answers to this question.

The word occult is often used to describe the supernatural and the
unexplained. These two words alone can scare most people but when you
include the word occult in a sentence with either of those words; people
will run to hide. When abilities or practices bear the occult, supernatural
or unexplained label, they go against what science and religion want us to
believe is possible. And scientists and religious organization can be great

Science and religion can collaborate in delivering their definition of the
word occult to mutual benefit. As a Virgo I am a lover of the woods, water,
all earthly beings and feel comfortable in this world. When I first learned
the word Pagan meant 'Country Dweller' I thought this makes sense and maybe
why I feel a connection to this word. But as I dug deeper, I realized at one
time Pagan meant a civilian who lived in a rural setting but was later
shaped into a religious cult, with freighting images of earthly rituals. If
you think the number 13 holds some 'bad luck' or the full moon brings out
the crazy, you have been influenced by this marketing to convert a country
folk who celebrated the full moon at times of harvest into wild animals
causing evil and chaos. During this time, science was doing its thing to
help this view point along by pushing the study and benefits of herbs into
the world of evil and the unknown. Once again time is a helper. After
centuries of living in the shadows an herbal approach is now enjoying
resurgence as a means to deal with our body and mind ills.

Article By Beverley

Written By Beverley ( Intuitive | Clairvoyant | Healer )

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