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Understanding Auras

Understanding Auras

Our Aura is a field of energy that radiates from our body. All living things have an aura surrounding them. The aura can be sensed and felted by us, and we don’t need to have special abilities to sense it, but we need dedication, focus and practice. When a person is near you, you can try to can feel their energy and sense it, by letting your intuition guide you and give you the ability to perceive the power field surrounding them.

When our intuition is in tune with our soul, it becomes easier to see the Aura of all living things. We are able to open our minds to perceive the mental, emotional, and spiritual states of mind of people around us by reading their auras. The aura can give us an insight into the spiritual, emotional and physical aspects of a person.

All living things emanate energy with a special vibration and colour. The predominant colour of an aura can tell us about thoughts, feelings, dreams. It is easier to read an aura when we are completely relaxed, or when we allow ourselves to be in tune and focused. There are simple exercises, like training your peripheral vision, or rubbing your hands together and holding them apart, that can help us to feel the aura energy surrounding things, and sense it in a very tangible way.

Auras come in a variety of colours, but there's usually one predominant colour that will stand out from the others. The more you focus on seeing the aura, the more colours and variations you will be able to see. Those with rainbow auras are probably healers, or people who care for others and have a restorative effect upon one another’s health and well being.

This brief guide describes the meaning of the main aura’s colours:

Red: People with predominant red auras are strong, competitive and energetic. They are very passionate, enthusiastic and adventurous. A red aura can indicate a temperamental individual, with a high sexual energy.

Yellow: People with yellow auras are spiritually aware, intelligent, logical, and sometimes, they can be socially awkward. They may have a tendency to depression and fear, and also have problems dealing with different emotions when under pressure.

Blue: People with blue auras are really intuitive and intelligent. They are great communicators, and they have the ability to be in control of their emotions and remain calm during a turbulence. They can inspire others with their generosity and honesty. They are peacemakers.

Pink: Those with pink auras are romantic, loving and caring individuals. They have a great taste for the fine things in life. They usually look after their health and their body very well. They honour justice and balance. People with a pink auras are great hosts and really appreciate their family and friends.

Green: A green aura may indicate someone who is a perfectionist, because they are extremely creative. They strive for perfection in everything they do. Green aura’s tend to be respected and admired. They are very organised people, who can be very successful.

Orange: People with orange auras tend to be very generous. They are honest, kind and social souls. They may be impatient and have a temper, but they do not hold grudges. Orange auras have great personal power and are very sensitive. They are motivated by mentally challenging goals.

Purple: Purple auras can be very mysterious, intuitive, knowledgeable and sensitive. They seek wisdom and tend to be selective with people and relationships. They have the power to change the world with spiritual love.

Gold/ Silver: Gold auras are very positive and attractive. They like to impress and they feel comfortable being being the center of attention. They tend to attract the admiration of others, and they are very sociable. Silver auras are are exceptionally gifted. People with silver auras tend to be very lucky and seek beauty and perfection.

Brown/ Black: A brown aura indicates discouragement, lack of trust, selfishness and fear of letting go. A black aura is a sign of blocked energy and depression. It indicates that this soul is holding on to negative and bad feelings. It can also be a indicator of bad health and the inability to love and to forgive.

Article By Claudia

Written By Claudia ( Tarot Reader | Counsellor | Email Reader )

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