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What Does Your Favorite Colour Show?

What Does Your Favorite Colour Show?

Do you remember when everything was painted institutional green, hospitals schools etc? Do you ever wonder why that changed? Some philosophers, scientists and medical experts have discovered that the constituents of visible white light, broken into its radiant colours, are needed to bring about the balances in nature. The colours of the rainbow, the rays the angels use and the colours of our chakras are all essential to our well-being. In fact they can even heal us. Colour as shown by nature is needed to restore balance and peace to our lives - let’s face it nature is not all one colour is it?

Light and colour are vibrating energies, each colour having its own wavelength and frequency. The colours we see I around us are caused by the light waves being absorbed or reflected off the object. Without light, there is no colour.

Each colour has its own complementary or contrasting colour. A complementary colour is the opposing colour on the colour wheel. A good paint shop can let you have a colour wheel. Using the opposing colour in the wheel can help you feel better and different colours mean different things. Warm colours bring things closer and are happy colours to you while cool ones push them away and are calming colour.

So your favourite colour shows something about your personality -

Red is an energy colour, vibrant and full of life, a go getting colour, a stimulating colour, a focused colour. People who chose this colour are driven, ambitious people, impulsive, sexy and need to win. This colour brings them a lust for life and great leadership skills but watch out for impatience.

Orange is the colour of joy and happiness; it’s a bright colour, a colour full of light and warmth. People who choose this colour are full of joy and bring that warmth everywhere with them, they are ambitious and always wide awake! People who pick this colour can give too much and wonder where they fit into life.

Yellow is the sun, the colour of our life-force, a vivid and vital colour. People who chose this colour are inevitably cheerful, curious flexible and great communicators who never stop learning. But watch out for cynicism, anxiety and control when people who chose this colour come up against adversity.

Green is the colour of nature and harmony, it is a balanced and soothing colour, it is the colour of healing and peace. When this colour is chosen people will be balanced and tranquil, open hearted, kind and always looking for the truth in their life. These people can be riddled with self doubt and easily knocked out of balance by life, watch out for their need for space.

Blue is the cool colour, the colour of electricity, the sky and even antiseptics. This colour is chosen by people who calm, full of logic, faithful, loyal and have a need to be rational and logical in their life. Watch out for distance and aloofness, unpredictable mood changes and even isolation.

Violet is the colour of spiritual protection, meditation, contemplation, mysticism and spirituality. People who chose this colour are soft and sensitive often psychic, dignified, imaginative, inventive and helpers of all kinds. They can become ungrounded as they spend too much time in other worldly pursuits, they get stuck and unable to take action, and if that happens they become depressed.

White is the colour of purity, cleanliness and innocence, along with death and mourning. When this colour is chosen you will find someone who is innocent and pure of mind, full of compassion to forgive others and themselves, open hearted and able to reflect others back to themselves (empathy). Beware of the unspoken anger these folks may have and their lack of boundaries.

Have a colourful week

Article By Beverley

Written By Beverley ( Intuitive | Clairvoyant | Healer )

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